All the flossing and all the brushing can’t quite prepare your teeth for an elbow or a baseball to the mouth. Athletes don’t just put their bodies on the line, they also leave their faces and mouths exposed to potential injuries. Sports dentistry is a fast-growing field that specializes in the treatment and prevention of orofacial injuries in athletes. It starts with the right mouthpiece. The guard should fit snuggly around the teeth without becoming an uncomfortable distraction. Like an occlusal guard, a mouthguard should work quietly. If an injury damages or displaces a tooth, athletes often need care provided on a specific timetable. There may need to be an immediate extraction and bone graft, but then the implant process has to wait four months until the season is over. Every situation is different, which is why we prepare for anything and everything. If you or a family member spend a lot of time on the court or the pitch, ask about sports dentistry at your next visit. The right care just might save a few teeth.