In the event that a tooth is partially broken, a crown can be placed over the damaged structure. Imagine cementing a firm, protective helmet on your tooth; that's what a dental crown does. Made from durable porcelain and/or zirconia, our dental crowns not only protect the affected tooth but also restore its functionality and appearance. With a dental crown, you can confidently bite, chew, and smile without worrying about further damage. There’s a little artistry involved with crown building, and our team isn’t shy about our talents. When we place a crown, it’s a little secret between us and the patient. Unless you tell someone it’s not a real tooth, they’ll never be the wiser. In certain situations, a bridge can accomplish what a crown cannot. Connected to the teeth on either side, a good bridge will give you a confident smile and all the chewing power you once had before the tooth was lost. There are a few different options for a dental bridge, depending on the state of your teeth and what will be most comfortable inside your mouth. No variable will be overlooked and we’ll send you off with a bridge that fits and feels just right.