So many dental issues can be avoided with proper oral hygiene. That means brushing and flossing at home—and coming in for regularly scheduled dental checkups. We’ll sleuth around your teeth to make sure everything looks good, and take care of the little problems before they turn into bigger issues. Even if you’re an Olympic-level brusher, you still need the help of a hygienist to see and clean every nook and cranny. During a cleaning we’ll offer helpful reminders, tips, and tidbits: brush twice a day with soft bristles, use an electric toothbrush if you’ve got one, and floss regularly. Professional cleanings with professional tools, done twice a year, make at-home oral care that much easier. On top of a good polishing, regular dental visits afford a chance for health screenings, fluoride treatments, and diagnostic X-rays. Call now to set up your next cleaning and stay current on preventative care. If you do that, all your trips to the dentist will be short and sweet.