Life comes at you fast. One day you’ve got a perfect, toothy smile, and the next day there’s a big hole where a pearly white used to be. Implants take time and you can’t put your life on pause, so a partial denture can be the perfect interim fix for a lost or extracted tooth. Getting the fit right is crucial. From the imprint to the scan to the molding, we are methodical in our denture work so you can get right back to eating, talking, and smiling with comfort and confidence. Each dental emergency has a unique set of circumstances. A partial denture needs to fit both your mouth and your lifestyle. Some decay might be fixed with a crown, while a similar tooth will need to be extracted to make way for a denture or implant. Your treatment will be customized because every tooth in every mouth is equally important. A removable denture needs just the right kind of TLC, and we’ll walk you through exactly what that looks like. Whether you need the denture for a day or a decade, we’re going to make sure you have the knowledge you need to stay comfortable.