The most permanent solution to a missing tooth is an implant. With the crown secured directly to the jawbone, it’s like your tooth never went missing in the first place. If veneers offer an aesthetic fix and dentures provide more functionality, implants are the two-way solution. The crown looks just like a natural tooth, cosmetically designed to match your smile. The implanted section acts as a new root, keeping the tooth firmly in place. This way you get a beautiful new tooth that works just as well—if not better—than the tooth it's replacing. Implanted crowns are a lasting fix when a tooth goes missing. Since the titanium post fuses to the bone, it becomes part of your jaw and can support a new crown if something happens to the first one. Best of all, you care for an implant just like you would a normal tooth. You brush it, floss it, and it stays in while you’re sleeping. Once the surgery is complete, it’s business as usual with a set of teeth you can be proud of.