A tooth is a tooth is a tooth—except that they’re all different. Besides the unique circumstances of each dental situation, different personalities require different kinds of care. A nervous three-year-old on their first visit to the dentist’s office needs a little extra patience than the young professional trying to sneak a cleaning in between appointments. We work with patients of all ages. We want every appointment to be a pleasant, easy-going event, and we pride ourselves on a bedside manner that makes all of our patients feel comfortable. Children need to develop healthy dental habits as early as possible. A big part of that is feeling cared for and connected to their dentist. Sometimes that means a quick exam so the child can get out of that giant chair as fast as possible. For other kids, we take our time and explain each little tool so they feel like they’re part of the team. We want your children to have strong teeth and to be as happy to see us as we are to see them. Bring your little one in for a gentle cleaning and we’ll help them keep a healthy, lasting smile.